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Image showing an organic hop bine topping out under the Wisconsin sun
An organic hop bine topping out under the Wisconsin sun.
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Railhead Farms LLC.
Your source for USDA certified organic Wisconsin hops


You already know the secret to good beer. But, great beer begins with great ingredients. From the water and barley to the yeast and the hops, great ingredients make great beer.

Beer Flight


We give you a choice. You can choose to use lower quality, "conventionally" grown hops, or you can step up and take your beer to the next level by using quality organic hops free from petroleum based pesticides, toxic fertilizers, and the residues these leave behind.

Think about this: Does real quality include harmful chemicals?

We don't think it does. But, we do think real quality does include pure Wisconsin sunshine, deep fertile soil, clean water, and caretakers that really care. We're YOUR small certified organic hop farm making a big impact.

No Chemicals No Glyphosphate


We maintain the old world values of hop growers around the world, but we take all of that knowledge and meld it with modern technology and techniques. And modern technology and techniques means a consistantly high quality organic hop that makes for good beer. And good beer makes you look good.


Imagine what our world would be like today if that first real beer maker didn't innovate and use hops in beer. Just like when you design a beer, we innovate. We innovate in ways that bring added value to you, our customer. Innovations include new method drying and state of the art nitrogen purged vacuum packaging equipment.

But, that's just a jumping off point. We've got a ton of new innovation on the way. We've learned from the poor practices others used in the past. Stay tuned for a self-sustaining permaculture powered by renewable energy, natural water catchments, and integration of flora and fauna in novel ways. You can also look forward to "hop cameras," an on-site weather broadcasting station, and much more. In a nut shell, we want Railhead Farms to work with the environment as a whole and not take more than it can give back in a sustainable way. We voluntarily comply with the Organic Growing Standards because it's the right thing to do. We practive social responsibility by nurturing economic and environmental resposibility. You can see more about how we're different HERE.


Organic farms bolster their communities and quality of life. A fringe benefit of that is that organic farms not only improve the soil and food quality but they also improve the neighborhood and the world in general by providing toxic free environments, produce, and products.

But, we are also striving to take things to the next level by sowing the seeds of the future by growing young minds. We want children to get out of the classrooms and get out wandering, and seeing what life is like, on a farm. We want them to see not only where their food comes from but also to realize we don't need to use toxic chemicals to grow food. We want kids to be able to see how things actually grow, and work together, to make a difference. Because we believe in "Free Range" children, when you say "field trip," you can know your kids will really get to see a field, a working farm, and hands-on experiences. And they might just be able to pet a goat or hug a chicken along the way.

Little Hands Working

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