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Hops popping and a new yard being built
Hops popping in the established hop yard and a new hop yard being born (May 2015)

Welcome to Railhead Farms LLC. Blog pages

Soon you'll find links to a pictures and information so you can keep up with our work in the country. You enjoy the rural life even if you life in the city.

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There'll be information about growing organic Wisconsin hops, of course. But, there will also be information on the other aspects of the farm such as the fainting goats, sheep, and dual purpose chickens. With our rural location, on the edge of bear country, but smack in the middle of coyote heaven, we might just have some interesting nights. Add in a growing population of Grey Wolves and things might get very interesting. Oh, joy.

Big wolf hit by car in Portage, WI.
Click the image to see the orginial story, and a couple more pictures, at Morning Moss

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