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Hop Yard in Winter
Let the greening begin!(Mar 2015)

How Railhead Farms does it different

and dried
Railhead Farms
DIESEL fired forced air heaters
Custom built ambient air gentle draw down drying system with humidity control because we want diesel-fume free hops
HIGH TEMP quick drying resulting in VOLITIZED oils
Slower, more gentle, drying at lower temps because we want to preserve natural hop oils and flavors resulting is superior taste and freshness
On demand automatic drip irrigation from clean, dependable, and tested, local source because we care about everything that goes into the hop yard and where it comes from
Heavy applications of PETROLEUM based fertilizers
Safe organic fertilizers, compost, and green manures in a permaculture type setting because we want a self-sustaining system for the long haul
Heavy applications of PETROLEUM based pesticides
Natural pesticides with a concentration on natural predatory insects because we don't believe in putting poisons on the things we put in or on our food or drink
PETROLEUM based herbicides including GLYPHOSPHATE
Natural methods of weed control including hand weeding, natural mulches, green manures, and livestock grazing because poisons and known cancer causing agents don't belong on food, including your hops

*Final organic inspection and certification expected May-June 2015

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